Rockin AA Cat Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization,  is a no-kill cat rescue shelter.  We take in cats and other animals with a variety of problems, most requiring long term care. These animals are all ages, with many different issues, including:
  • Feral Cats
  • Older Animals
  • Cats with Special Needs
  • Aids Cats
  • Unadoptable Cats
  • Rescues

Our facilities are located at the top of a mountain outside Mena, Arkansas.  The animal and cat sanctuary is cage free, and operates strictly on donations to help feed the rescued animals and pay for required medical care and spay/neuter services.  Our animals come from many places, animal shelters and rescues when the animal is not likely to be adopted, people that are in abusive situations, need to leave and have no place to leave their pet safely, and we offer a place for those animals whose owners have passed away, leaving them homeless. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place for animals with no other options.  Our plan for the future is to offer education at an early age to children to teach them about pet responsibilities.  We also hope to offer free or discount spay/neuter vouchers.  All of this takes funding.  Can you help us?

Donations Appreciated!
Your donations are needed to help us with our rescue efforts, pay for supplies and medical bills.  Checks can be mailed to:
Rockin AA Sanctuary
152 Rocking AA Lane
Mena, AR.  71953

cat rescue and animal sanctuary Mena Arkansas
What's Going to Happen to ME?

Every day hundreds of people die or enter nursing homes and leave their loyal animal companions to the mercy of well-meaning family and friends.

Most of the time these companions know no one but their primary caregiver and that caregiver is now gone.  The house is now in turmoil.

Strange people are coming and going.  The furniture is being moved and all the hiding places are gone.

Now your companion is being caught and/or trapped and taken to a shelter.

There he/she is put in a cage in a totally alien environment,  There is plenty of barking and other noises.

Your companion is terrified and confused.  He/she doesn't know where you are and is frightened.

Please do not leave your loyal friend in this predicament.  Have a plan in place to protect your loved one. Include Rockin AA Sanctuary in your estate planning and assure your pets a place to go when you're gone.

Of all the lives that touch ours, animals are the most vulnerable.

I am the voice of the feral cat trying to find a meal in the dumpster;

I am the voice of the unwanted puppy/kitten that was left on the side of the road to be hit by a car or killed by a predator;

I am the voice of the dog that was abandoned in a trailer and left to starve to death;

I am the voice of the mother cat and kittens living under an abandoned building that has now burned down and we have no where to go; we are very frightened;

I am the voice of the cats living with a sick, demented owner who forgets to feed us; we are hungry;

I am the voice of the puppy found terrified in the city streets with my mouth taped shut, my ears and part of my face chewed off. I was the lucky one who escaped from the pit bulls being trained to fight;

I am the voice of the aids cat who has tested positive and THAT is my death sentence. I have many more years to live but my life will be cut short because there is no where for me to go;

I am the voice of the of the puppy mill breeder dog kept in a small, dirty cage. I will circle and circle most of my life in this undeserved hell. I cannot stop moving. I am neurotic and will literally be bred to death;

I am the voice of the older cat whose owner has died. No shelter will take me because I am not adoptable. I will be euthanized because I have no where to go;

I am the voice of the friendly cat who just wanted to be pet but instead was given a blow to my head that cracked my jaw and radiated the break right up into my skull. I received no medical attention. Now, I have a crooked smile with difficulty eating and a shaky gait. I am a special needs cat and nobody wanted me;

I am the voice of the feral cat running away from everyone. I just want food and a safe place to sleep;

I am the voice of the tornado victim that was terrified and cannot seem to adjust back to normal. I scream and race around . I need quiet and patience.

I am the voice from the spirit of the breeder dog left in a carrier with no food or water. I tried to dig out but the plastic was too unforgiving. By the time you found me I had bloody stubs for paws and was dead.

We are the millions of voices from the spirits of all the cats and dogs; puppies and kittens that are put to death every year because no one wants us.

Please hear our voices. Be a responsible pet owner: spay and neuter; provide adequate medical and dental care; do NOT buy from puppy mills or backyard breeders; support your local animal shelters and private sanctuaries with monetary and physical help. Do not bet on fighting dogs and report those who do.

Parents educate your children on how to properly care for their pet. And children educate your parents that some old ways of thinking about animals need to change.
  Mena Arkansas animal rescue and cat sanctuary

We at the Rockin' AA Cat Rescue and Animal Sanctuary hear and provide a safe haven for these voices.